december 01

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Cult of War Ceo visszavonul

A Cult of War (CoW) Ceo nemrégiben bejelentette visszavonulását. Az alábbi levélben felvázolta a lehetőségeket az alliance számára, mégpedig új vezetőséggel tovább működni vagy disbandolni az alliancet. Mivel N3 entitásról van szó ez némiképp érinti az N3-at és a déli háborút is, meglátjuk hogy folytatódik ez.

Hey dudes with a heavy heart i come to talk to you about a serious issue.

I have decided that either it is time for new leadership or time to close down Cult Of War, So one of two things are gonna happen by the end of december.

A: Our current active corps will create a leadership structure, if this option is takin i will orderly hand over all moon goo towers amd shares within the holding corp plus leave a large allowance for srp ect. I would be happy to help this new group transistion in aswell.

B: We close the alliance, At this point i will offer the goo towers we have run for the last couple years to the active corps in our alliance. As long as you pick a blue entity to join your towers will have a measure of protection from n3 and from rental. good examples being the current blues we are working with or nulli,nc depending on your preference.

I wil give you guys till the 15th of december to come up with your plan at this point i will hold a general alliance meeting to either announce a new leader or the orderly deconstruction of the alliance.

The reasons why at this point dont matter, i’m just tired and anything more is just whiney or bitchy and i dont feel like going there. Now that all being said i will maitain and run the towers till a decision is made and there is no shortage of isk so all programs will run. And i would help any new leadership as much as i can to transition, from behind the scenes :P

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